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1. Brush hair from the bottom up. 2. With WARM water, wet hair (warm water opens the cuticles) 3. Shampoo hair with a moisturizing shampoo **cleanliness brings health, excess dirt can remove natural oils that make your hair shiny and bouncy 4. Follow-up with a generous amount of light-weight conditioner, finger combing it through from…

About Hair by Char

Thank you for choosing HairByChar. Here we offer incredible hair extension of all textures and lengths. We pride ourselves in exceeding the expectations of those who wear our hair. Our bundles are delivered chemical-free and unprocessed so it administered to you in its natural state. We hand pick each batch of hair to ensure the quality that we promise. With the wefts being sewn tight, the hair secured and cuticles traveling in the same direction to prevent tangling. Here at HairByChar we strive to assist women of all ethnicities in maximizing their confidence. Weather you choose our refined “body wave” or luxurious “curly” we can guarantee to provide you with 100% genuine Virgin Indian Hair so matting and shedding will not be a burden. We cater to corporate women, soccer moms, as well as the stars with one goal in common . . . . . enhancing beauty one head at a time. You’ve been “CHARED”